About Us

Welcome to the Warren School! We are a small school located in the charming town of Warren, Vermont, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Mad River Valley. Though our school may be small in numbers, we are a vibrant learning community. Our school-wide community is invested in the promise of providing all children with the highest quality instruction and excellence while nurturing the whole child emotionally, physically, and cognitively. At the Warren School, we take pride in our commitment to creating a joyful learning environment for all. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions about our school, please feel free to contact Principal Sam Krotinger at skrotinger@huusd.org.


1st-6th Grade

The regular grade classrooms are organized in two-year groups: grades 1 and 2 (the Primary Unit), grades 3 and 4 (the Intermediate Team), and grades 5 and 6 (the Upper Unit). Responding to the needs of students at different levels of development and talent, Warren School classrooms are academically heterogeneous; they provide a stimulating environment and promote success for each child. Students benefit from smaller classrooms with compatible teachers and peers. We provide flexible groupings when necessary to accommodate the needs of children in specific areas. These may be teacher selected or student selected. For example, math and reading groups are often teacher directed; topics like a novel, or a science or social studies project may be student selected.

Early Childhood Programs Programs for young children include a full-day Kindergarten classroom and two preschool classrooms. Classes for 3 and 4 year olds are part of a comprehensive response to the needs of young children in Warren. The school also participates in providing services to children 0-3 with special needs, as required by the state’s Children’s Integrated Services Early Intervention program. We also offer pre-school screenings. A parent-child playgroup meets at school on Friday mornings under the auspices of the town recreation program.

Special ED, Title 1, And Regular Classrooms The School receives federal and state funding to provide extra help and support for students who need it in order to succeed in school. Children with learning, physical or other recognized disabilities may be eligible for Special Education. Originally part of the government’s antipoverty programs, “Title 1” pays for “compensatory education” under the “Improving America’s Schools Act”, supporting improved academic achievement.

Integrated Arts include Art, Music, French, Physical Education, Technology, and Library. We have have several artists-in-residence that come to the school for short term projects. This includes Drama, Art, Music, Dance to name few.

Winter Sports In the Winter months, students have the opportunity to participate in our Skiing and Snowboarding Program or Nordic Skiing on Thursday afternoons. Downhill occurs at Sugarbush Resort and Nordic occurs at Oles Cross Country Center.

ECO Program This program happens weekly for Kindergarten through 4th grade students. It is an environmental-based program, which happens in the woods and hills near our school, and is run in conjunction with the staff of the North Branch Nature Center.

After/Before PreSchool Program: KPAS (Kids Playing After School) The Preschool Before/After School Program (KPAS), also a non-profit program housed in our school. It provides high quality care at a moderate fee for preschool age children on days when school is in session. Our AM session is part-time this year, we will run that program on Wednesday and Friday mornings only. The PM sessions are M-F. KPAS also runs our after-school program, available for all children, at a moderate charge, from 2:25 pm to 5:30pm, on days school is in session. You may enroll your child on a regular or temporary, space-available basis by emailing or calling the school office or the KPAS program director. The program director is Amanda Whitehead and she can be reached at warrenkpas@gmail.com.